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Fancy a ​playdate?

We can bring the play to ​public or private events.

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Come play ​with us!

We’re a group of families ​committed to continually ​growing and developing, ​one play at a time!

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Something else?

Le​t’s chat!

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and play is our way of life

We re Ash, Ruben & Milo

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Our philosophy

Embracing a playful mindset reminds us to ​live with a spirit of constant exploration.

For a decade I worked as an early childhood educator in ​various classrooms around WA. My passion for play-based ​learning fueled the creation of Play More with my husband.

I bring experience from many fields – design, business, arts, ​music, health, events - just to name a few! I’m a lifelong ​learner and thrive on challenges and love to explore ideas.

These life experiences, in addition to becoming ​parents, solidified our belief that learning happens ​beautifully and organically through play.

We appreciate every moment as an opportunity to ​explore, seek to understand, and learn. ​Importantly, we are committed to evolving ​together as a family and with our partners.